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February 25th, 2013: Back in Business! After the CNY break, the markets opened again on the 21st. Welcome to Yiwu!
May 1st, 2012: Info:
There are six main permanent markets in Yiwu, covering an area of 4,700,000 m²

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Welcome to Yiwu !

            Yiwu - Statue of a seller in Yiwu

Foreign traders from all over the world,  visitors of all kinds, welcome to the website about Yiwu city made by non-Chinese people living in Yiwu, in the Chinese Zhejiang province !

On this website:

  • You, the foreign traders, will find useful information about Yiwu, Yiwu markets, Yiwu hotels, and if you are the type of businessman who prepares their business trip a long time in advance, you can contact an export agent in Yiwu, or ask the French people here in Yiwu to check the quality of the goods you bought in Yiwu!

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  • You, visitors of all kinds, tourists, curious, interested, net surfers, journalists, men, women, and others (...!), you will find on this website pieces of information about the history and geography of Yiwu, what's worth visiting around the city, what to eat here, where to sleep, what French people living in Yiwu do (they are about 15 actually!) and what they think about Yiwu, and if you need even more information you can read newspaper articles dealing with Yiwu.

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